The present situation of welfare surrounding Japanese society

    Since Japan is faster in aging compared to other countries, it is only 24 years from the aging rate of 7%, which is the definition of an aging society, to twice that of 14%, so the elderly care problem is the oldest after retirement It was recognized as an anxiety factor. The gold plan in 1989, the new gold plan in 1994 and the angel plan, the plan for disabled people in 1995, the new angel plan in 2000 aimed at the foundation of health and welfare services. As Japan's aging speed was fast, the elderly care problem was recognized as the biggest unsettling factor in old age, the nursing-care insurance system was established in 2000, the elderly people who were divided into old welfare and old age medical care We reorganized nursing care system with social insurance system. Nursing-care insurance was a reorganization of elderly nursing care system which was divided into elderly welfare and old age medical care with social insurance system, and was founded following Germany in the world as well. Whereas conventional social welfare is a way of thinking of administrative agencies to decide whether to implement services, contents of services, providers etc., the nursing-care insurance system is based on user-centered service users It is a way of thinking, a contract system in which users and service providers service by contract. With nursing-care insurance as a culpit, ways of thinking and mechanisms have been changing from welfare services to child care services to contract systems. In addition, raising the age for starting payment of the employee's pension system and raising the burden on the patient for medical expenses were carried out.

Legal system of social welfare

    It was the shape that I enter facilities by an administrative measure decision about use of welfare for people with disabilities service and receive a home service formerly, but the support cost system that the user chooses facilities and an enterpriser and decides about facilities and the business establishment which decides about an entering destination by the shape that I sign a contract with an enterpriser and supplies service freely was introduced from fiscal year 2003. And a person with disabilities independent supporting method was carried out from fiscal year 2006, and the service offered to vertical division every age and obstacle classification was unified, and shifted to a new service system. Present is a person with disabilities total support way. There are area living support business, starting working shift support and peer support which make sure that the improved rehabilitation and daily life can function as a body personally as over the obstacle human services and service of facilities. I support provision which affects necessary obstacle human services and other things, have it and plan for increase of welfare of a person with disabilities and a child with disabilities as well as so that it may be possible to carry on the daily life or the social life of which a person with disabilities and a child with disabilities were independent has for the object that the people contribute to realization of the local community which can respect the character and the individuality and live surely mutually in spite of a presence of an obstacle. In use of obstacle human services of the situation of the person it's necessary to apply to the provision cost for the nursing provision cost and practice to towns and villages and receive a provision decision, and who authorizes obstacle judgment division based on judgment in a board of review, and does the obstacle judgment division and the nursing for the person with disabilities, person with disabilities etc. or child with disabilities's guardian, for intending to be concerned, I take it into consideration and decide about the advisability of the provision.

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